Sunday, February 9, 2020

Answer the questions Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Answer the questions - Article Example Such is the case of Diane Amos, the African American comic who has been pitching Cloroxs Pine-Sol cleaner for eight years. While Amos is a straight-talking, working-class woman who sports dreadlocks and nondescript clothes and calls everybody "honey" while offering practical cleaning advice, she actually appeals to the consumer because of the credibility that she lends to the product. Answer: Agencies are now turning to formal or informal advisers for help in avoiding to offend customers. Some are also consulting with minority agencies and reaching out to recruit more minority staffers. Yes, I believe that these steps are helpful in reducing offensive stereotypes in advertisements because this kind of research will make agencies more aware of how typically stereotyped groups actually behave. 4) What information from this article (example of an advertisment, quote or statistic) do you feel could apply to the ad you have chosen? How and why? If it does NOT apply to your ad, how do you think such information will affect you as a conumer the next time you seen an advertisement? This particular quote is not applicable to the Diane Amos and the Pine Sol ad because even if Amos is made fun of, she is still an effective advertiser of the product. This information will make me more critical of the portrayal of stereotypes in advertisements and will most likely discourage me from purchasing insensitive stereotypical products. 5) The following is an "inference and conclusion" question: How can our societal myths be based on stereotypes? Choosing one of the ads analyzed in the article, which myths were being generated through the use of stereotype? Ans: One common societal myth based on stereotypes is that of gay men having a dark side and preying on straight strangers. This stereotype is commonly generated by â€Å"macho-istic† products who want to emphasize that their brands are for â€Å"real men.† An example of this kind of ad, as mentioned in the

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